White pants dance!

Okay, so someone explain to me the rules about WHITE PANTS.
I don't understand.
Please explain again.
Okay, over it.
Love them too much to wait until LABOR DAY.

If you're located in a state that pretty much has the same weather all year year, you're in luck. Sunny San Francisco is the place for you! Or anywhere in Cali. ;) Great news if you live in like mine: this rule does not apply to us anymore! [Rejoice] I get why the rule was created. It would be REALLY awkward to wear white pants in the middle of winter. Right? More power to ya if you're going for it. I couldn't imagine that because of the dirt that kicks up from melting snow and your boots. Your pants wouldn't be white anymore. 

Here's what I found when I Googled "white pants rule:"

slip into them after Memorial Day in May, and make sure you're out of 'em before Labor Day in September. Come on, it's no secret that white is a springy, summery color. via- ModernMom

Great! Glad that is settled. Other sources like Styecaster and Instyle, had similar opinions as well for a more credible source!

How to wear them? They just as versatile as your black skinny jeans. You can catch me in (when I am not in workout clothes...) an all white (or light) outfit or black on black on black. #newyorker White pants are fresh, and modern. They can brighten up a May Gray day like today or add some pep to your mood! Take risks and be creative. Mix and match whites, textures and of course, LAYER. Sweaters, scarfs, jewelry and tanks- go all the way!

You have choices!

Love me a skinny, BUT I also LOVE ripped jeans, boyfriend jeans, boyfriend/ripped jeans and overalls. In really warm weather, white shorts. If you're in the mood white skirts. My personal favorite is an envelope skort or a white denim skirt with buttons.

They will get stained, smears and just dirty.

You can't hide a Cab Sauv stain, grass stains or dog paw prints. Tip 1: Be prepared with a Tide To-Go pen! Those seriously work like magic.  Tip 2: Try not to wear them noticeably everyday. If you do, have multiple pairs! One in the hamper/wash, one on your bod. Hey Hottie.

Whatever rules you think apply or don't apply to you. I hope you walk around with confidence! Confidence is louder than words. Ladies, Beyonce wasn't built in a day but she also didn't sit there and let people criticize who she was and feel bad about it! #bowdown #drinkingwatermelon #BoyBye



Bea Del Rosario

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