SoulCycle: Your First Ride

SoulCycle. You've heard about it or seen us. Maybe your friend swore to you that this was the best thing since frozen rosé (frozé). Maybe a new SoulCycle just popped up in your city. Perhaps, you had a bad day at work and need to clear your head. Or more obviously, you love fitness, want to keep up with your health? Just curious? Keep reading.

Whatever brings you to SoulCycle for the first time, you are in for the ride of your life! ;) But only if you are actually willing and open in trying something new. Below I am listing a bunch of little reminders to you in hope of making your first experience a memorable one. The obvious: yes, you are riding a stationary bike, yes, there is music and it might be loud, no there is no leader board and yes we ride to the rhythm of the music!

Bring a Friend -- I used to prefer working out alone because I never felt pressure. But once I started riding at SoulCycle, the feeling of community and camaraderie really added to my motivation. Being a dancer and a former competitive dancer (on a dance team), this was imperative for success; a group of people working in unison for one common goal.
Show Up Early -- First thing I will say is, you would never show up late for an important work meeting or interview, and you wouldn't take show up late to dinner with your future in-laws... So do NOT show up late for YOU! On the other side... I get it. Life happens; your kids had an emergency at school, your car wouldn't start or your train was delayed. Being late is something we can all be forgiving about. Just ask for help from our staff and listen to them help YOU.
Hydrate -- Obvious. But since this is your first SoulCycle class or maybe first time doing cardio in a while (or ever), you are going to not just break a sweat, sweat a lot! We have fresh clean towels at every bike to help you start as dry as you can. More importantly, think about how much you sweat out... that much + more needs to be replaced. Plus, your body and the room with get warm as we get deeper into the class, so drink up! (My Rule: 1 Liter per 45 minute session)
Gear Up! -- We use cycling shows with clips that connect to our bikes, the rentals are $3/class/pp. I always just say "don't forget to bring your own socks." If you do, we sell them as well as amazing, trendy, fitness gear from Lululemon and Nike and even a SoulCycle brand. Theres MORE: we offer complimentary earplugs, antiperspirant, face wash, hair ties... you name it - we probably have it!
Check Your Ego at the Door -- I hate to say this, but I hate when people come in thinking A. I know what I am doing, don't tell me what to do. B. I have taken "spin" before, I know what I am doing / I will do my own thing. C. The "this is stupid. I am better than this. I am above this" attitude. You might as well just stay at home away from the world... yikes! 
Be Respectful to Others --There are people who come her to work out, have a goal, are pregnant, going through a break up or focusing on themselves. Don't be rude or distracting. Keep the cellphones and beeper (anyone?) in your locker or with the front desk, smile more, clean up your sh*t, wear deodorant, and give the instructor permisson to teach the damn class! We love a engaged class where you cheer your neighbor on and give them high-fives-- but save your convos for later. These are precious 45 minutes to yourself and your neighbor.
Be Open Minded / Let Go of Expectations -- Whether you have taken a class similar, ride an actual bike or are a fitness guru, its okay to be new at something again. You should be constantly learning everyday, let this be one of those times. Some of the things we do or say might not make any sense or just does not feel right at first, or you just won't be as coordinated at first -- its okay. Laugh it off. Try again. The best thing you can do for yourself is TRUST the process and surrender because at the end of the day (ride) it will be out of your comfort zone; which is why you came, right?
Try Everything - Then Try Again --I tell all of my riders even the ones who have been riding for years and years; try and then try again. This could mean try the run out of the saddle or try that extra turn up to the right for more resistance-- either way you can't fail for trying. You can always change your mind. Set the bar then move it up higher. One of the reasons there are such dedicated riders is not just because they have it all figured out or have the craziest discipline, it is because they know that there is always more-- growth, strength, love. Testing the boundaries and feeling good about it.
Listen to Your Body - Trust Yourself -- Try yes (PLEASE) but be gracious. If something does not feel right (Madeline reference anyone?) Then ditch then plan and stick to what does. You know your body better than anyone else in the room for the most part so if you need a break or feel like you're just going to hurt yourself instead of get stronger, it is 1000% okay to step back or modify. 
Ride with the Pack! -- This is so important and so complicated at first. If you are lucky to try a class that is pretty full, chances are most of the riders have been here for a while, especially that front row. So take a ganger in the mirror, watch how the room moves as one gracefully instead of a choppy ocean during a hurricane. Try to do your best riding with the people around you by matching your pedal strokes with theirs and number one rule: resistance is your best friend-- TURN IT UP.
Turn It Up! -- Me again. If you don't add resistance on your bike you will find it challenging to stay not he pace, in control of your entire body and probably won't break a sweat. If you need to modify like sit back down or grab your water, go ahead... just add the resistance on your bike and DO NOT stop moving. Again, be mindful, ride with the pack-- if your are running up a hill while the rest of the room is fighting again that thick hill -- look who's the asshole now (the tortoise)?
Vulnerability is a Strength -- My final piece of advice. Mentally and physically allow yourself to let go of all your expectations, fear and doubt. But if for some reason you are not able to, not even a little bit-- then do yourself a favor and USE IT as your motivation, strength and power. OWN you mistakes, burdens as much as you OWN your skills, assets and beauty. 

If you ever have any questions whether it is a song requests, or seeking for more advice, do not hesitate to ask. We instructors LOVE to chat with our riders, we want you to grow and grow stronger, we want to get to know you more than just in the room! You can email or message me as well! I hope you will enjoy your first class. I hope you will remember some of these first time tips!










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