Holiday Gift Guide: Kitchen Essentials

With the holidays rolling around and our New Years Resolutions are rebirthed, you absolutely should have these items in your household. #BeaApproved Why? Because you love yourself. There will be lots of cooking in your future, lets start here! I don't know about you, but as I get older and wiser, my christmas list is either gift cards to Amazon or something useful. #adulting

I know this seems quite odd, and depending on the receiving end, you might not see it get to use. So lets just get real honest: who thinks to buy a kitchen item if you don't cook? Or Who wants to spent $8-10 on a smoothies everyday after your workout when you can make one yourself? Who is tired of getting a 3 differnt [or the same] sample fragrance pack from Sephora? #drama

Even so, I love to gift thoughtful gifts as well as essential. Put this on your list, or think about gifting one (or three) of these items to someone you care about this holiday season. I know they are gifts people will love (and yourself)!

** MAJOR POINTS: Black Friday and Cyber Monday are next week. You can save a ton of money on kitchen appliance essentials. More reasons to eat cleaner, healthier and at home. Useful gifts are so 2018!!!! 
  1. NutriBullet

Or any individual style blender. They are easy to use aside from the size but the convenience and speed of these blenders are great for "grab-and-go" busy people, non-dishwashing folks and portion control. I always just had a huge blender but hated the clean up for just ONE smoothie. The NutriBullet brand I highly recommend however pricey, you can find inexpensive versions at Target or

  1. Handheld Blender

As you may know, my obsession with soups is REAL. Mostly because I got this gadget and my world changed. At first purchase, I had extreme buyers remorse. I bought over the summer it to make dips and then it kind of hid it in the back of my pantry. But it has come in handy all autumn and will definitely stay out through early spring. From soups, dips, sauces, purees and can also use it to blend smoothies. The one I purchased was around $30 by KitchenAid that I got at Target

  1. Crockpot

SO useful. Especially for busy people. You dump your ingredients, set it and leave it to cook on its own and its entirely safe. I am definitely going to be gifting these, along with some recipes, to my friends, who claim they can't cook or never have time to prepare home cooked meals. You can whip up homemade bone broth, soup, meatballs + sauce, pulled pork, and sometimes even bake! I bought mine also at Target for about $25 and it still works well after 4 years.

  1. Mason Jars

This one is kind of a no brainer and definitely the weirdest one on the list but mason jars are totally cool AND useful. I use mine as drinking glasses, food storage containers, gifting containers, crafts and even flower vases. You can buy a huge pack of them for a really low price or individually. Keep those metal lids or get the plastic lids, they are definitely a staple in our home. ** side note: I am also one of those people who saves the pretty jars your marinara sauce or honey comes in. Use GooGone to remove the label. 

  1. Toaster Oven

Also weird but v useful! I grew up with a toaster oven in my family. Its literally a mini version of a big standard toaster, and a adult version of an EasyBake Oven [yeah, I went there]. If I am in a hurry, I'm cooking my salmon in here or even just a few late night cookies! Many of them have these timers on it that DING! and turn offs on its own. The one we recently purchased even has a TURBO setting, talk about speed! Toaster ovens vary in watts, price range and sizes. I would prefer this over a microwave any day.


Bea Del Rosario

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Bea, a lifestyle blogger currently living in San Francisco. But to be clear, I am a New Yorker. ;) I am obsessed with living a healthy lifestyle through working out, eating well and living a purpose-driven life. The crazy part? I wasn’t always this way and it took me many years to get as focused as I am now which is why I love to share all the details of my “Get Fit, Get Fancy lifestyle” with you as it is still and will always be, a journey for me. In addition to living a healthy lifestyle through fitness and healthy eating habits (and indulgences), I strongly believe that being “healthy” included WHO you surround yourself with, WHERE you are and WHAT makes you shine bright each day. Follow me on my journey to unlimited happiness!