Sugar Free Week: The 'Deets'

Heres whats up:

One week avoiding all processed & refined sugar. This includes fast carbohydrates which are food products made with refined flour and sugars-- usually processed. Fast carbs are usually low in fiber, high in added sugar, trigger spikes in your blood sugar level that lead to blood sugar crashes. You may feel hungrier suddenly and soon tired. Slow carbs, on the other hand, trigger a more gradual increase in blood sugar, which keeps your levels relatively stable between meals.

Basically, in order for us to feel like the best versions of ourselves from within and on the outside-- we have to fuel our bodies and not let garbage get in the way of our happiness + glow. I wil begin tomorrow (or today depending on when you read this) June 30, 2017 and complete the week on Friday, July 7, 2017! I have some friends on board joining me and it helps because now we can hold each other accountable and we are ONLY stronger TOGETHER.

Check out this chart for an easy sugar-free week by  or a simple guideline

Day 1 I will head to BiRite and buy more fruit, ezekiel bread (like this one! my fave) as well as a ton of healthy fats and legumes, beans and chickpeas. Be honest but realistic. As a fitness instructor, it is important I get a number good carbs in so although the chart above has some food to LIMIT -- it doesn't me that if you have pineapple instead of berries you're ruined -- and sweet potatoes + tequila are my best friend so... At the end of the sad as long as the food is CLEAN and sugar-free (fast carbs) then you're GOOD!

MY WHY: This is super important for me to share my WHY. I tend to stay pretty clean and don't eat a pint of ice cream (vegan) every night but I am one of those people who need something sweet after dinner or I am obsessed with pastries with jam + butter-- until it gets out of hand. I start noticing myself CRAVE this demonic yet delectable foods and practically binge on any sweet put in front of me and one little doughnut turns into a week of indulgence. THEN i feel remorseful, sad, guilty, bloated, hungry and TIRED. Its true, sugar is addicting-- you can read up on how this addition is REAL (like drugs) HERE and HERE! This week I baked a 4 layer birthday cake for my good friend, Tracy, but ended up having cake for every meal (not really but kinda) for 48 hours, then I craved chocolate and then someone brought cute mini donuts to the office... it never END. I noticed how sweet my diet has been this week today when I had a donut and realized my coffee was too sweet. YUCK.

TO get to my point: I want to kick the habit. I want to prove to my spiritual, mental control my mind has instead of letting it get taken over but the idea that junk food will satisfy me more than clean, wholesome, natural foods. It is ALSO my last week in my 26th year. My birthday will be the final day of my 1st week without any shit (read: sugar).

Closing in on my birthday, and I have had a really rough and rocky year. I have had wonderful, sweet, happy-memorable moments but a lot of real-life things I have been dealt-- it would be a beautiful way to start a new year feeling rejuvenated + free. Slowly but surely every new year for me I check-in with myself and make sure I am just a little more selfish; doing things for me, my future, my mental + physical health--- so I can be a better friends, daughter, girlfriend, sister... a better ME.

JOIN ME? Its never too late to stand up to SUGAR. Message me on Insta @bdelro_ or Facebook message me if you want to try it or have any questions.


Bea Del Rosario

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Bea, a lifestyle blogger currently living in San Francisco. But to be clear, I am a New Yorker. ;) I am obsessed with living a healthy lifestyle through working out, eating well and living a purpose-driven life. The crazy part? I wasn’t always this way and it took me many years to get as focused as I am now which is why I love to share all the details of my “Get Fit, Get Fancy lifestyle” with you as it is still and will always be, a journey for me. In addition to living a healthy lifestyle through fitness and healthy eating habits (and indulgences), I strongly believe that being “healthy” included WHO you surround yourself with, WHERE you are and WHAT makes you shine bright each day. Follow me on my journey to unlimited happiness!