A [Sweet] Week without the guilt!

My 1st Sugar-Free Week

I went a whole week without sugar. More specifically Sugar Honey Iced Tea-sugar [read: shi*t]. You're probably thinking "that sucks," "I could NEVER do that," or simply "what? Why?!" and I am here to tell you that it didn't suck, you CAN do it too and what happened!

From June 30-July 6 I cut any additional or refined sugar from my diet. I cleansed myself of sweets such as brown + white sugar, sweeteners, syrups + agave, packaged drinks (like kombucha and iced tea), wine, cocktails, beer, dressings, sauces, and refined grains.

Sounds like a lot and TBH it is. My initial reaction too until you realize that a lot of stuff you put in your body that all breaks down to sugar is extra-- too many calories wasted on one thing. I only allowed myself (and friends who joined me) to have whole fruit. You're probably now thinking "but fruit is filled with sugar!!!!" Reality check: fruits natural sugar is the kind of sugar we NEED-- everything in moderation, as well as slow burning veggies, whole grains and beans + legumes to maintain weight and, fuel our bodies.

You can read up on my WHY, and how I was feeling that got me to this week HERE.

I recorded most of my week on my Insta-story but here is a written break down of my Sugar-Free Week:

Day 1 + 2:

The first days are tricky because you are being SO conscious about what you're going to have, reading labels, getting creative and probably grocery shopping. I did a haul of veggies and fruits for smoothies, dried fruit + nuts, ezekiel breads, and proteins. I found myself reading every label at the store; I noticed there was always some kind of sugar content and more than 1 ingredient in most things. I got lucky with organic hummus, almond milk yogurt, coconut milk, and oatmeal.

Day 3 - 5:

Now I'm in the swing of things. Meals are prepped or almost ready. Grabbing snacks and lunches were easy. I wasn't thinking so much anymore, if anything I was just more excited to share with people the meals I came up with! *NOTE: I had tequila with soda water + grapefruit juice. I was not upset. They say hard liquor is the way to go anyways.

Day 6 + 7:

At this point, I didn't want or crave cakes, sugars and donuts. Instead, I just missed the taste of my coffee and tea with a little sweetness, I missed dark chocolate [antioxidants and probiotics!] and I wanted another round of drinks without feeling guilty! I ate almost an entire jar of cashew butter these days to kick that after dinner craving. #noshame

The last day was exciting. I actually forgot / couldn't believe I had actually done it-- successfully too! I felt proud and capable. I felt energized, less bloated, a bit leaner, and more alert. Am I going to jump right in and have a cupcake? Probably not but perhaps... only because its was birthday (lucky 27 on 7/7/17!!!). Honestly, what I am going to stay in control; keep the habit of picking the better option over the one that will lead into those sugar addiction cravings and continue to practice conscious decision making! 

In conclusion, a week without sugar was not a nightmare-- it wasn't easy at first but it was smooth sailing toward the finish. Just a little bit of effort, consciousness and trust in yourself is all it takes. Prepare for the best and hold yourself accountable. It will feel SO good post sugar cleanse + you will be back on track!

Heres a picture of me on Day 8 ;)






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