Rye Energy Soda Bread

Hey guys! This week has been wonderful so far and I will share you an entire run down by the end of this week. Its Friday and I couldn't wait to share with you something that has changed my week drastically!

I picked up a Clean Eating Magazine a week ago and found their recipes for Rye & Oat Energy Soda Bread. I forgot about it for a moment, and when I was having a fiber dilemma (Tomorrows post) as well as wishing I could have bread, I remembered it! 

Loaf and Photo by Bea Del Rosario for beadelrosario.com

Loaf and Photo by Bea Del Rosario for beadelrosario.com

Maybe you're thinking "BREAD, OH MY!" Chill. The best thing about this bread is that its whole grain, and homemade; I know exactly what I put into my body. You can find the recipe below. (I did not add the dried fruit and oats that it called for.) 


Some of the things I have made with this delectable, fine thang...

* Avocado Toast (with a sunny egg!)

* Peanut Butter Toast with half a banana on top.

* With a little butter and Organic Strawberry Jam

Perfect breakfast and snack meals! But OKAY! OKAY! This is a bit much to ask of you to BAKE your OWN bread. So, if you're opting to buy packaged bread, try heading to a farmers market, a local bakery, or make sure there are few, and recognizable ingredients. Organic, whole wheat, rye, quinoa, oat... lots of flours out there that are CLEAN and relish! Avoid white bread we had as kids. OR I mean, you can be a real #BOSS and bake your own.

#SpringItOn21 has been so much fun for me. For one thing, I enjoy cooking. It might not be for everyone but it truly is therapeutic and gets my creative juices going. I highly recommend you start whipping up your faves, getting your hands dirty and perhaps trying out this soda bread! 

Making this bread I knew would be hit or miss... and when I hit a homer... I had more confidence that this challenge would be a breeze (YAY! For clean, avocado toast!) Honestly, preparing the dough was so simple, and once you set it in the oven, you can go do other things! I have enough bread for the week and some to share with friends. More importantly HAVE fun.

Again, you can find the actual recipe HERE!


Bea Del Rosario

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