Message Floppy Hats

Have you seen those gorgeous designer beach hats with the cheeky embellished message on them? They have been around a for a couple of years but rarely see them. Probably because they are a little pricey. No fear, they are actually other ways you can get your hands on them: DIY!

I thought it would be cute to make a hat for each girl attending my sister Bachelorette Weekend in South Beach Miami!! I needed to make a total of 12 hats which I was ready for the challenge. My entire life I have always loved crafts, coloring, painting and making jewelry so I knew this wouldn't be torture. I have also worked in fashion for a few years back in the day and always thought to myself "hey, I can make these bracelets/this purse."  So today, I am putting it all out there for your to purchase these items with easy and create your own beautiful hats!


1. Straw Beach Hat. Be savvy. Check out stores like Zappos, Target, Amazon or even Costco! Floppy beach hats never go out of style. You want to make sure your brim is wide enough; somewhere 3" is usually perfect.

2. 1/4" wide Poly/Cotton 'gimp' braided trim OR pre-strung sequins. I purchased mine on Amazon. For the pre-strung sequin you can buy bulk here. Also, always check your local craft, costume, drapery stores, they always have a wide variety of trim.

3. Small glue gun with glue sticks.

5. Embroidery scissors (or very sharp scissors will do)!

6. A lighter.

7. Disappearing Ink Marker. 


Step 1: Burn the end of the gimp braided trim with a lighter (the trim is 50% polyester, the lighter will just melt the ends). Then squeeze the strands together while they are still melted so that they stick together. Try to keep the rectangular shape of the trim. If using pre-strung sequin, fold excess cord back and use a small dab of hot club to secure. You may also fold one sequin over another, then adhere but be careful, the seuqin will melt a bit!

CAUTION: it is likely you will set the gimp on fire - blow it out ASAP! (It will smell a little like burning hair or plastic...)

Step 2:  Next, sketch the phrase onto the hat with your disappearing ink marker. I found it helpful to mark the center point from the back of the hat and the half way points on each side. You will crate three sections on the back half of the hat.

Step 3: Sketch the letters. Go over the letters a few times with the marker so that it's dark enough for you to see it. Be mindful that you are centered, on the same lines as well as going around instead of just straight across. This makes it look more fluid.

Step 4: Using the hot glue gun, trace 1" of the first letter.  Quickly add the braided trim.  Repeat.  I didn't use too much glue until I was certain of my placement. Start with 1 inch dots of glue. 

Step 5: You may come across letters that become tricky like a lower case "a" or "c" where you may need to overlap or twist. The lower case "s," "n" and script "r" are also difficult. Use your best judgement on how much or how tight to twist your loops. Practice a few times before securing with hot glue.

** Tip: It took me a bunch of times to get each letter right. Go with the flow of the trim and do what makes most sense. I formed a letter without ANY glue, then held it down with a couple of fingers and dabbed some glue in open spots. Use pins or tape if easier!

** Tip 2: it also helped to write your words out on a scrap piece of paper so you can follow the script hand writing with ease.




Bea Del Rosario

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