Visiting Wine Country

Napa Valley for the day

Okay, this can get complicated and ugly but I HAD to share asap my recommendations for a DAY in wine country. I know I want to post more for weekend trip recommendations and as I get to visit more + new places myself. I recently went to Napa Valley for the day on Saturday of this past Labor Day weekend with my boyfriend, Matt and my two gal friends. One of my best friends, Nicole, was visiting for her birthday!

I recommend leaving the city early arriving to your first destination at about 11am, making reservations before hand and checking out some local restaurants as well. When I plan a tasting or tour, I give each vineyard about 1.5 hours to 2.5 especially if just here for the day as well as two places to have a casual meal and a nicer one. 

On the way up we made a small detour to The Fremont Diner for some brunch and a drink after an hour drive. The place does have a wait and does not take reservations for tables but they do have a "bar" more like a cute little trailer made into a bar for drinks and pie! You may also order some food to go here and enjoy a beverage while you wait.

Next we headed to Domain Carneros for some bubbly. Followed by Etude for delicious pinots. Our wine educator that day was so lovely and personal and their pinot and rose we just to die for. We then checked out Beringer because we heard they were having live music on the patio. we shared some edamame hummus and a glass and enjoyed some time relaxing and listening. We finally got really hungry and had dinner at The Farmstead. I highly recommend a reservation but if you decide last minute, their al fresca seating as well as the bar is first come first serve. We watched like a hawk and got a great table for the four of us pretty quickly! The food hear was amazing, authentic farm-to-table and the atmosphere was lovely.